As of Monday

Homeland Security

A new Homeland Security provision goes into effect on Monday January 7th, 2013. ANY packages mailed OUT of the USA (not in) will require full disclosure of the contents to be reported to the Homeland Security. A form has to be filled out and full details of sender and recipient must be reported to Homeland Security. The real purpose is to prevent people from mailing “cash” out of the country. That was put in last year making it now illegal to send cash through the mail. Legally they can confiscate all those bills sent in birthday and Christmas cards. This re-enforces that provision of last year.

Again, this is all about MONEY. Those 19 guys & a camel took all rights away that no standing army could ever have done. I guess they are confused between something trying to come INTO the homeland and something LEAVING the homeland. They should just change the name to US Travel & Transportation of Anything Anywhere Agency – Making sure nothing moves without their approval!

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