Windows 8 Backlash

From the end user perspective, Windows 8 is a disaster and Microsoft is being forced to retreat. But the real dangers lurk behind the scenes. Why prevent the removal of the software? That is very strange. Supposedly you can turn of the reporting back to Microsoft, but quite frankly preventing overwriting the software with Windows 7 smacks of other stuff they do not want to reveal. Quite frankly, I can no longer TRUST even a upgrade. I a manufacturer will not provide Windows 7 – refuse to buy their product and move on. This is too dangerous to play with.

The Black Death Channel


QUESTION: Are you going to include the Black Death Channel in gold you published back in the 1980s?

ANSWER: Yes. That has been updated until 2012. For new readers, gold had vanished from the monetary system in Western Europe and the first appearance of gold coinage after the 7th century took place during the 13th century. Like Japan, there was no gold coinage for about 600 years. This is a chart we created using gold, commodity prices, the British Pound, and currency movement to create a synthetic gold perspective 1264 to 2012. The Black Death Channel is the start of a free market economy as wages began and society began to poke its head out of the Dark Age. Recreating that amount of data took a lot of effort. However, beside the visual impact, it enable the computer to grasp the real breath and scope of the trend long-term. This is where 2017 comes from.

Update on the Security Breach of Microsoft Windows 8

There is something serious wrong at Microsoft. It is one thing that the new Start Screen reports covertly back to Microsoft every third party program you install, but when you try to overwrite Windows 8 with Windows 7, the system will not allow you to do so. It has also a self-protect functionality. They are determined to shove Windows 8 down everyone’s throat. We were forced to scrap the entire hard drives these computers came with and buy replacements without any operating system other than Windows 8. This is the biggest black box covert attempt at something in the history of computer software.

We are trying to sort this out because for some levels of service we will provide a laptop to the user to be able to interface with our main computers on a proprietary basis. Whatever is going on at Microsoft I do not know. It is a breach of everything decent to create a operating system that will not allow you to overwrite it. This smacks of forcing the computer world into opening up literal windows into your systems that cannot be safely plugged. Eventually, hackers will figure out also how to get in. It does not appear we will be able to use Microsoft on any computer we provide clients.

Metals Report

GC1868-D (2)

We have recalculated the metals using SPOT. Part II includes the silver/gold ratio. But in addition to Platinum, Palladium, and Copper, there is the long-term charts on gold as well that illustrates the connection of 2017 to both 1980 and the Panic of 1869. This is the first time we are revealing this long-term research. It will be going out next week.

The Dow & Why the Majority MUST Always be Wrong

Pecora Commission Hearings

Every stock market crash since 1907 has begun on the hunt to find that huge short position that manipulated the market down. Never has any investigation EVER found this mythical short position. Nevertheless, the theory that there is some huge player that overpowers the market and sends it collapsing down is a great one that dominates every crash. The reason no such position exists is simply that the real fuel is always the majority. Bubbles take place because people become convinced it will never end and they are the ones who buy near the tops. Just as in the metals, every rally is “real” but the declines are always manipulations. Government shares that same reasoning at the start of every investigation.

The truth is simple. When the majority is on one side, scare them, and what you will get is is a panic collapse. If the bulls reached 90%, scare them, they try to sell, but there is no bid. That creates the downdraft or flash crash. The majority MUST always be wrong because they become the fuel to swing the market in the opposite direction. The key is to remain unbiased. The future will reveal itself soon enough. A biased fool keeps his mind closed to the patterns around them. That is why a fool is always easily separated from the money.

DJIND-W 5-7-2013

The stock market had to rally. The talking head still do not believe it and keep trying to pick the top. That is good because that means it has further upside potential. When then all starting calling it a “new plateau” as they did in 1929, look out below. The Dow Jones Industrials major target resistance begins at 15441 on a daily basis, but the weekly level show 15731 and the extreme target of 16647, which if hit in May, would be a warning of exhaustion.

DJFOR-W - 5-7-2013

The Weekly Timing Array is still showing the weeks of 5/20, 6/10, and 07/01 as key targets for turning points.

Syria & The Middle East


Clearly, the rise in tensions is global on our War Model that turns up in intensity during 2014. We are seeing conflicts again in the Middle East with rising domestic civil unrest tensions in Europe that will eventually spread to the USA after 2015.75. Keep in mind that this is also part of the coming dollar rally that will do its part in further eroding the global economy. Both World War I and II sent capital pouring into the dollar. Capital flees the area of conflict. The dollar rose on the Suez Canal Crisis but fell on the Cuban Middle Crisis. It is not that hard to follow this simple correlation as long as you remain with your eyes open.

The rise in tension in the Middle East began on target in 1968 when also the first crack in the monetary system began to emerge with gold becoming tradable in Europe with the start of a two tier price system. That was 6 waves of 224 year from March 624AD when Mohammed launched his first military action. We began to intensify with the Pi turning point and this is not likely to end before 2040 on the first 8.6 year target after 2032.

So keep in mind, this tends to be bullish for the dollar – not bearish in a broader sense..