90 Minute DVD – Understanding Cycles $105

The Mayan Discovery of TIME (the real story) 2012 (issued 12/15/2012)

(A Forward Looking Forecast that 12/21/2012 was the Beginning Not the End)

Asian 310 Page Forecasting Report for 2013-2014 (issued 11/1/2012)

European Share Market Outlook 2013 (issued at Berlin 12/3/2012)


Metals Outlook 2013 (Coming Soon)

World Share Market Outlook 2013 (Coming Soon)

Foreign Exchange Outlook 2013 (Coming Soon)

Agricultural Outlook 2013 (Coming Soon)

World Economic & Interest Rate Outlook 2013 (Coming Soon)

Ancient Coins
Roman Coins AvailableSilver Denarii or Caracalla – One of Rome’s Greatest Tyrants
3rd Century Roman-Coins Available

Gallic Empire

Postumus-VictorinusTetricus I & Tetricus II



Custom Made Jewelry from Ancient Roman Coins Discovered in a hoard in England. All Genuine mounted to Preserve The Coins Undamaged. These are made from uncorroded specimens.



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