90 Video Understanding Cycles

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Martin Armstrong has been called the Economist of the decade and was named Hedge Fund Manager of the Year for 1998 after correctly forecasting and trading the collapse of Russia that caused the collapse of Long Term Capital Management, He is also famous for creating the Economic Confidence Model, which revealed the regularity of the Global Business Cycle being 8.6 years, which was dubbed the “Secret Cycle” by New Yorker Magazine.

Part I – Understanding Cycles

In this special analytical session, Armstrong reveals his completely unique way of looking at markets and incorporating cycles with technical analysis that will make the markets come alive as you see them like never before. He provides the understanding and techniques for how to trade a panic. After giving an overview of the different type of analysis for capital markets and showing market myths, Armstrong explains why global capital flows are a main driver of the capital markets. Those flows sometimes behave like a “loose canon on the deck on a ship in the middle of a hurricane”  shooting off in every direction so rapidly most cannot even guess where next.

Armstrong covers the unsuccessful theories and experiments of John Maynard Keynes and Karl Marx to smooth or even eliminate the Business Cycle. But business cycles have always survived as former Fed Chairman Arthur F. Burns explains:

“For well over a century business cycles have run an unceasing round. They have persisted through cast economic and social changes; they have withstood countless experiments in industry, agriculture, banking, industrial relations, and public policy; they have confounded forecasters without number, belied repeated prophecies of a ‘new era of prosperity’ and outlived repeated forebodings of ‘chronic depression'”.

Armstrong presents these different cycles and explains how Schumpeter’s concept of “creative destruction” will force once again in the years ahead a complete change in the dynamics of the economy and a reduction in the unproductive portion of society that resides in government into the private sector becoming skilled labor for the next business cycle.

In Part II – Forecasting the World

In the 1970’s Martin Armstrong discovered that the global economy appeared to be based on an 8.6 year business cycle. He discovered that this cycle built into groups of 6 waves forming the Long Wave in the Business Cycle of 51.6 years. He tested the existence of this cycle back into even ancient times. The 8.6 years turned out to equal 3,141 days – the magic number being π (Pi) times 1000 – the perfect cycle. With his trading experience, Armstrong was able to see the economy and markets from an integrated global perspective. His discoveries enabled him to predict so many events right to the precise day years in advance. His forecast for the 1987 Crash right to the day was astonishing for he also forecast it was the low and new highs would be made by 1989 when everyone else was predicting 1929 and a Great Depression as they always do with every decline. This model won him the distinguished title of being named the Economist of the Decade.

This he explains his discovery of the Economic Confidence Model and its 8.6 year frequency. He explains the long-wave of 51.6 years . This is an important overview of the Business Cycle that even former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker in his Rediscovery of the Business Cycle conceded that its length was about 8 years. The primary issue dictating every aspect of our global market is the sovereign debt crisis. Armstrong goes into detail explaining how politicians today are repeating exactly the same mistakes that have had previous societies into social unrest and collapse. As we look back into financial history as far back as Roman times, it is revealed that the current proposed solutions by the governments are not real working solutions. They are an avenue leading us into chaos which has already started in Greece  and other European countries.

Armstrong gives reason that we are in world crisis because of borrowing issues put in place beginning with World War II. He states that, “governments around the world had this idea that they could borrow year after year and never have to pay anything back.” Armstrong believes, that the day again is coming, as we have seen many times throughout history, where no one will be there willing to buy those bonds. The events of the medieval city of Mainz have shown what is going to happen; if history does indeed repeat itself. Conclusively Armstrong shows possible solutions to address the current financial crisis, in an effort to help us avoid the chaos we are undoubtedly heading into.

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Part II – $100 Forecasting the World

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