Syria & The Middle East


Clearly, the rise in tensions is global on our War Model that turns up in intensity during 2014. We are seeing conflicts again in the Middle East with rising domestic civil unrest tensions in Europe that will eventually spread to the USA after 2015.75. Keep in mind that this is also part of the coming dollar rally that will do its part in further eroding the global economy. Both World War I and II sent capital pouring into the dollar. Capital flees the area of conflict. The dollar rose on the Suez Canal Crisis but fell on the Cuban Middle Crisis. It is not that hard to follow this simple correlation as long as you remain with your eyes open.

The rise in tension in the Middle East began on target in 1968 when also the first crack in the monetary system began to emerge with gold becoming tradable in Europe with the start of a two tier price system. That was 6 waves of 224 year from March 624AD when Mohammed launched his first military action. We began to intensify with the Pi turning point and this is not likely to end before 2040 on the first 8.6 year target after 2032.

So keep in mind, this tends to be bullish for the dollar – not bearish in a broader sense..

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