A Journalist at the New York Times discovered how Wikipedia is abused by rivals and even the government. They allow anyone to change anything on living people and slander them becomes standard operational procedure. They hold themselves to be high and mighty, but we traced bogus entries and they came back as towns where the government actors lived. Changing historical facts and science is one thing. Living people is another. Wikipedia allows itself to be nothing but a rag tabloid and the so called “editors” hide their identity. This has been a good idea, gone terrible wrong and there should be a ban on any pages concerning living persons or active companies. Anyone can post bogus information and it becomes a full time job to police it. That means someone can post utter lies that could affect insider trading like the recent Twitter error. On this score, Wikipedia is just not reliable and can be used like Pravda in Communist Russia. This is a huge gap in the truth that you can fly a fleet of 747s through.


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