Central Banks Are Buying Equities – Watch the Dollar


Believe it or not, you better keep an eye on the dollar. Nearly 25% of all global central banks are all now buying stocks. The crisis that is emerging is there is really only one game in town – the DOLLAR!!!!! Japan is hopeless. Europe is on the verge of a major economic catastrophe with real negative growth and nations arguing over austerity while the unemployment among the youth is sending the continent into civil stress.

Everyone has been borrowing in dollars and there is the greatest short position of all time on the dollar. What is unfolding is the dollar is becoming the de facto world currency. This will result in causing the US economy to decline from 2015.75 and the high dollar will kill exports overseas. This is a dangerous position for it tends to lead to protectionism making everything much worse.

This is the mechanism that will result in the Phase Transition going into 2017 for gold.


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