Cyprus Agrees to Turnover All Banking Records

Money-laundering experts from the Council of Europe and financial will now get their hands of all historical banking records of Cyprus. Eurozone finance ministers backed 10 billion euros in aid to Cyprus because the deal includes that Cyprus will open all its banking records for Europe to hunt down Europeans who have ever banked there. This will destroy Cyprus forever!  Europe was after those records and by refusing to bailout Cyprus without this concession, they accomplished their REAL goal – the destruction of the Cyprus banking system. Make no mistake. This was a DELIBERATE assassination of the Cypriot banking institutions. Europe is now in the driver seat to assess whether any customer in Cyprus EVER hide money and did not pay taxes they now want and will redefine retroactively.

Politicians bribe the public with false promises of socialism, but they have avoided democratic means at all times. They threatened Greece if you recall when they wanted to put the austerity plan to a vote. The idea of allowing people to vote was outrageous.

Socialism has now migrated to Fascism.


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