Cyprus Going Insane


Politicians simply do not even understand what they are doing. In Cyprus, they claim next week they will allow transactions of €300,000, but they are arresting anyone trying to leave with more than €1000 in their pocket. Most of this year’s tourism was booked. However, if the Russians stay away and the Middle East heats up, Cyprus is dead in the water.

Most of the heads of various department are from the previous administration which was very Marxist. The only job security people hope now is working for the government as the banking industry is dead. If tourism goes, this is not much hope left. Either the local politicians do not care, or they are completely blind. Where is there an end game here? They is no strategy at all. Politicians are causing Western Society to meltdown.

There are now rumblings of new political parties forming that reject anyone who was previously a politician. This is how society really crumbles. It will never go quietly and it will NEVER honor its promises so do not worry about hyperinfation. This is an economic implosion unfolding before our eyes.


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