Yes it is True

“Is it true that more children die from crossfires than of drug overdoses?”

Yes. Because the black market is global, you cannot eliminate it by local laws even if you had all the police you ever dreamed about. Besides, it has been the drug trade that is destabilizing the Latin American political systems and then causes people to migrate to the USA to be safer for their children. The drug trade is huge. It is seriously impacting capital flows globally and it has funded terrorists. The opium trade was the main income of the Taliban. Legalize it, eliminate the violence, tax it through consumption taxes, and eliminate income taxes and watch the entire world change direction. Jobs will even migrate back to the USA.

It has been clearly established that cocaine has been found in many mummies from Egypt from many different sources. Academics have tried to ignore the evidence because they prefer Columbus found America rather than the existence of a trade route through the Pacific islands linking South America to Asia where drugs also flowed along the Silk Road side by side with spices from the Islands and Silk from China.

Why we keep ignoring the evidence is all about trying to control society, not for the better, but for the sake of control,


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