Richest Man in France leaves France

France’s richest man Bernard Arnault is called an asshole by the left-wing French Newspaper Libération as Arnauld seeks Belgian nationality before introduction of 75% tax by the French Government.

Bernard Arnault, who said the Libération headline was vulgar and violent. He is the head of the LVMH luxury group, and the headline “Casse-toi riche con!” which when properly translated means (Get lost, rich asshole) whereas the Guardian used the polite form “jerk” for its translation.

Governments are hunting down the rich like animals chasing capital offshore and destroying the world economy in a single bound. Even if they confiscated all the wealth of the “rich” to pay the bankers, they will not solve the problem. There is no sense of long-term reform or just how government intends to restore the economy. Unemployment among the youth is soaring everywhere. Even in the United States, those freshly out of school are finding jobs scarce. Most smart kids realize that they have to become self-employed to make a living. The smartest have left Greece and unrest is the only means of releasing frustration. Without serious economic reform to address the long-term systemic problems of a failed “socialistic” state that is collapsing in the West precisely as did Communism in 1989, we are likely to see the conclusion of this Marxist experiment by 2016.


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